• The article looks at how blockchain technology is being used in the leisure and entertainment sector.
• It highlights examples of TV and media companies using blockchain to streamline their production processes.
• It also examines the growth potential of cryptocurrency poker, as well as other use cases in the space.

Blockchain Use Cases In The Leisure And Entertainment Sector

For the past decade, spectators in the finance and tech markets have looked at crypto and blockchain, asking if and when it is going to enter the mainstream. With every passing week, new use cases for blockchain are reported in the crypto and business media.

Streamlining TV And Media Production

Digitalization has blurred processes and online distribution can make it harder to control, and just importantly to monetize. Blockchain can solve these emerging challenges and can also ease issues that have presented complications for decades. During the production process, it can be highly challenging to deal with cast and crew members scattered in different locations around the world. Blockchain effectively “eliminate the red tape that hampers many large projects”.

Investors Investing Heavily In Crypto Startups

It is also telling to note that investors like Parkpine Capital are investing heavily in entertainment-based crypto startups. Founder Ahmed Shabana recently remarked that thanks to crypto, “the movie and entertainment industry is poised to reinvent its business functions.“

Growth Potential Of Cryptocurrency Poker

The casino sector was one of the earliest Bitcoin adopters, making cryptocurrency a mainstream payment method today. This growth potential comes from casino games only becoming increasingly popular; they are now widely available on mobile platforms too.

Other Use Cases In The Space

In addition to poker, there are several other use cases for blockchain within this sector; ticketing systems such as Aventus Protocol or smart contract solutions like LiveTree ADEPT are examples of products leveraging distributed ledger technologies.

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