• OKX Wallet launches account abstraction-powered ‘Smart Account’ feature, enabling USDT and USDC gas fee payments on multiple chains.
• Additional account abstraction capabilities, including a social recovery feature, will be rolled out at a later date.
• Smart Account simplifies some of the complexities of blockchain transactions by reducing the number of steps required to complete a token swap or trade to just one click.

OKX Wallet Launches Smart Account Feature

OKX Wallet, a leading Web3 technology company, recently announced the launch of its new account abstraction-powered ‚Smart Account‘ feature. This feature enables users to pay for transactions on multiple blockchains using USDT or USDC as their gas fees. Additionally, OKX Wallet will soon roll out more account abstraction capabilities that include social recovery functionality so users can select trusted “guardians” from their social network to help them recover their Smart Account if they lose their keys.

Account Abstraction Technology

Account abstraction simplifies crypto transactions by allowing users to create Web3 wallet accounts that conceal the technical details behind an accessible user interface. This is done by combining both smart contracts and Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) into one ’smart‘ account, creating a more unified Web3 experience for all users.

Benefits Of Smart Account Feature

The Smart Account feature reduces some of the complexities of blockchain transactions without sacrificing any security or usability features; it also reduces the number of steps required to complete a token swap or trade down to just one click. This makes it much easier for beginners and advanced users alike who are just getting started in Web3 technology as they no longer have to worry about understanding complex terms such as ‘gas fees’ and ‘Gwei’ in order to make use of blockchain applications.

Social Recovery Functionality

In addition to providing simple transaction processes with its Smart Account features, OKX Wallet will soon give users an even more secure way to protect their funds with its upcoming social recovery functionality. This will enable users to select trusted “guardians” from their social network who can help them recover their Smart Account if they ever lose their access keys or private key information due to accidental misplacement or malicious intent from hackers attempting to steal funds.


Overall, OKX’s new Smart Account feature is sure to be beneficial for all types of Web3 users – from beginners learning about cryptocurrency transactions for the first time up through advanced traders looking for an easier way to manage multiple accounts across different blockchains simultaneously. By introducing this new level of convenience while still maintaining high levels of security and usability, OKX continues its mission towards providing customers with an accessible yet powerful gateway into Web3 technologies.

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