• Global Digital Cluster Coin (GDCC) is now available on LBank Exchange
• GDCC is a new-age protocol that caters to Web3.0 services and community-driven technology
• GDCC allows users to build their dApps and serves as a hub for digital assets, international payments, and applications

On January 27th, 2023, the LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, welcomed a new member to its platform. Global Digital Cluster Coin (GDCC) is now available to trade on the LBank Exchange with the trading pair GDCC/USDT.

Created with cutting-edge technologies, GDCC has the potential to transform various industries and allow people to adopt crypto assets. As a peer-to-peer network, it allows users to conduct transactions directly with the person in question and eliminates the need for intermediaries. With no entity or institution controlling the protocol, no one can impose restrictions on the process of receiving payments or using on-chain services.

With its open protocol, anyone in the world with an internet connection can access the GDCC system at any time. Blockchain developers can create a wide range of applications, including decentralized applications and wallets. Utility applications have unlimited privileges because the network allows them to deploy and execute smart contracts.

The Global Digital Cluster Coin platform also serves as a hub for digital assets, international payments, and applications. With its open-source protocol, any user can access GDCC and take advantage of its many features, including a secure, fully decentralized payment system, asset management, and tokenization services.

The listing of GDCC on LBank Exchange is an important milestone in its global mission to help users adopt crypto assets. By listing its native token GDCC on LBank Exchange, GDCC will now be able to expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision. This will help to further legitimize GDCC as a reliable and secure cryptocurrency, as well as make it more accessible for users to adopt.

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