• AVAX recently reached a significant milestone as average user numbers soar, while DigiToads (TOADS) presale surpasses $4.4 million in sales.
• TOADS offers investors an opportunity to buy with early discounts, and the potential for growth when it launches on popular marketplaces.
• The platform also marries memecoin popularity with real utility, allowing users to play games for rewards and stake NFTS for residual income.

AVAX Reaches Significant Milestone

The altcoin world is abuzz as Avalanche (AVAX) recently surpassed a significant milestone, with average user numbers reaching an all-time high. This news comes shortly after DigiToads (TOADS) also made headlines by surpassing $4.4 million in sales during its early presale journey.

Why Invest in DigiToads?

Investors are flocking to TOADS due to its potential for growth when it officially launches later this year – providing them with the chance to buy at an early discount of $0.036 before prices automatically rise to $0.055 on popular marketplaces such as BitMart and Uniswap. However, people are drawn to the project for more than just financial gain: Its platform merges memecoin potential with real utility – allowing users to compete in exciting seasonal swamp arenas for rewards that can be exchanged for other crypto or used to power up unique TOADS companions even further; or alternatively stake NFTS tokens and reap profits over time without lifting a finger. On top of this, TOADS has integrated a charity system into their model that plants trees in rainforest areas every time someone makes use of their services – making it a win-win situation all round!

Presale Confidence Growing

With confidence from investors growing by the day, the TOADS presale continues to welcome new members who want gains straight out of the gate – and there’s still time for you join them if you act now! With so much room left for growth during its journey towards becoming one of the most successful ICOs around, now is definitely the perfect time to get involved with TOADS and benefit from its promising future prospects both financially and ethically.

Memecoin Popularity on the Rise

It’s clear that memecoin popularity is on the rise in today’s defi climate – something which both AVAX and TOADS have become well aware of as they continue their respective journeys through 2021 towards mainstream adoption amongst crypto enthusiasts everywhere! Both offer plenty of room left for growth over these next few months, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you want some serious returns down the line…


To sum up: AVAX has already reached a significant milestone as user numbers soar, while DigiToads (TOADS) presales have just passed $4million in sales – proving that both tokens should not be overlooked within today’s busy altcoin landscape! With discounted prices available during its presale period before launch alongside ethical charity initiatives built into its platform mechanics; investing now could pay off big dividends further down the line once these projects hit mainstream exchanges…

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