Bitcoin Bulls Expect Retest of $70k

• Institutional money is driving up the price of Bitcoin, with bulls expecting a retest of $70,000.
• DigiToads (TOADS) has broken onto the scene with its revolutionary NFT staking program and Platinum Toads initiative.
• TOADS holders have a target price of $1 due to its deflationary tokenomics and constant reduction in total supply.

Institutional Money Pumps BTC Price

Market sentiment has been ignited as TradFi makes its move from disparaging crypto to wanting some exposure to it. Institutional money has arrived and is expected to take Bitcoin’s value to new heights as whales seek out exposure. This influx of capital will also fuel Ethereum and smaller-cap altcoins such as DigiToads (TOADS).

DigiToads Revolutionizes NFT Staking Program

DigiToads introduces an innovative use case for NFTs with its staking program, which only has 3,500 capital-producing assets available. It also takes inter-ecosystem composability to a new level by feeding rewards to TOADS holders through its ecosystem known as The Swamp. The Swamp also features an educational resource called School of Toads which trains traders on how best to utilize DeFi platforms like shit coins or top altcoins.

Platinum Toads Initiative Rewards Community

The Platinum Toads initiative gives remote access each month to 12 on-chain traders in the community so they can trade anything within DeFi and keep 10% of all profits generated. All accrued capital gets returned back into investors, creating more value for TOADS holders in the process.

Deflationary Tokenomics Targets $1 Price

Due to deflationary tokenomics that reduce the total supply of TOADS and create upwards pressure on token valuation, current holders and analysts have targeted a price point of $1 for each token. With its current price at $0.047, this would be an impressive increase should it reach that mark – making it a highly attractive investment opportunity for those willing to act fast!

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