The corona pandemic has particularly affected the tourism industry.

The Chinese province of Hainan is now planning to introduce a blockchain solution to strengthen the industry again

The Chinese authorities are planningto use blockchain technology to boost the tourism industry in Hainan Province. This industry has suffered particularly as a result of the lockdown as a result of the corona pandemic and the associated restricted travel options.

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The blockchain solution will include a points program that Chinese and foreigners can use. All they have to do is use this one platform to use public transport, hotels or attractions. This is intended to give the culture and entertainment industries tools to exchange ideas in a common network. This would also save a lot of planning for the tourists .

Hainan relies on blockchain technology

The island province of Hainan in the South China Sea also started a project in 2019 to familiarize the financial sector with the technology. The US $ 142 million program aims to develop the region into the country’s first blockchain free trade zone.

In the province of Huangdong and in Macau, the consequences of the pandemic are also being combated with blockchain means . Thanks to the decentralized technology, the two regions exchange health data from travelers in real time. Long waiting times due to data checks are reduced to two minutes, said the developer WeBank.

After the Corona stock market crash in March, the storm seems to have subsided. The V recovery on the stock exchanges was successful, even if not in the real economy. In the current issue we will discuss which investment strategies need to be pursued and which role token economics plays in the portfolio.

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